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The year 2018 was a defining year for Injazak Cables Lda., a year of affirmation in the national and international market, and in December 2018 closes with a golden key, reaching a goal, which was traced from the birth of the company: the successful implementation of ISO 9001-2015.

Quality Management System certification according to ISO 9001, allows to demonstrate the company commitment with the Quality and satisfaction of its customers.

It is the dedication proof and commitment to continuous improvement, the certificate presented here is more than a paper, it is the representation of Injazak’s commitment to quality, a commitment that, from the first day of its existence, the company pursuits to respect.

At Injazak, we will continue to work daily to reinforce this commitment and to see reflected in our work the fulfillment of our Quality Policy.

Thank you to all the collaborators, suppliers and customers who have been with us and contributed on this process.