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Professional zamak injection

The ZAMAK is an alloy composed of zinc (c. of 95%), aluminium, magnesium and copper. In the liquid state, the ZAMAK is injected under pressure into steel moulds, which have the format of the pieces you want. The injection allows manufacturing high precision parts.

Among the various properties of ZAMAK, stands out:
• Ease in processing due to the low melting point, simplifying the process of manufacture of parts in General;
• Durability of injection molding, allowing the production of large series of castings;
• High degree of corrosion resistance, shock and wear, resulting in greater durability of parts;
• Gray Tint;
• Ease in supporting subsequent finishing: decorative and/or protective coatings, such as polishing, mirroring, and painting.
These properties make the ZAMAK a non-ferrous metal alloy with the largest field of use and suitable for a multitude of sectors.

Among the many technical applications of ZAMAK are:
• Accessories for electrical installations (bushings, manholes, curves, etc.);
• Handles for cabinets and drawers, door knobs, key chains;
• Costume jewelry, toys;
• Buckles and embellishments from clothing and footwear.

INJAZAK operates in the ZAMAK Injection market combining:

Quality: The end product with guaranteed quality;
Price: Extremely competitive prices per piece (reduce price per mould);
Deadlines: Swiftness in developing solutions (mould + samples) we take deadlines very seriously).